Films to share what we have learnt from talking to women around the county in various ways, and to build on the success of the December Celebration were released in July 2019.


First is a short film which shows a cross section of the diversity of activities women are doing around the county. These range from organised activities, indoor and outdoor activities, individual and team, or class activities. In water, and on land, or pitches, and courts, and at home, or using just a small wall in your neighbourhood. On the beach, and in our local parks and our national Park.


The voiceover, spoken by Emma Rydal – is uplifting, and empowering, whilst real. It celebrates being proud of ourselves, and each other. It shares the benefits that women around the county have told us they gain from being active, and encourages more women to make space for it in their lives.


The aim was to include  and celebrate women and girls of many ages. It includes power, skill and determination. Dance. Smiles. Practice and improvement. Satisfaction. Goals. Self-coaching, and supporting others. Being active for time alone and perspective, and being active with friends or family, and socialising.


Overall it is about casting off the fear of judgement, and being empowered to find your thing.


 The second film –  featured at the Cumbrian Girls Can Summit – shares further some of what we have learnt from talking to women around the county – however we haven’t distilled this learning, or summarised it in our words. In this film ‘See these women, hear these women’ the film participants simply tell their own stories, and share the messages they would like to give to women thinking about starting something new. It ends with a call to action. What can you do, to support more women you know in Cumbria to be active?


The films were produced on a budget which included 3 days filming time. 

The activities featured in the films are:

 Barrow Amateur Boxing Club

Barrow Mental Health Mile
Walney Wind Cheetahs
Whitehaven Gymnastics
Judo Knight
Bettina does yoga
Pilates With Balance
Workington Reds
Keswick Hockey team
Barrow Furness Firecrackers
Cumbria Crossfit
Sweaty Mamas Carlisle
Wigton Baths
iCan Centre Carlisle
Carlisle Rugby Union
Carlisle University Netball Team


We would like to thank:

 The women who came forward to take part in the films when we requested volunteers in March 2019, and those that were approached to complete the package.


·         One Little Bird for managing the creation and supporting the release of the films expertly, and with a real understanding of the project. And Mullholland Media for their expert filming and editing. 


·         Kate Garratt from Herringbone Consultancy for her pro-bono support with the films 


·         All those who have engaged with Cumbrian Girls Can which has led to the concept of the films, and all those who support our community to be active across Cumbria.


·         Sport England, and the national This Girl Can campaign for the research, tools and guidance developed from women nationally – and that sparked the idea for seeing what happened if we localised the principles in Cumbria.


 We hope seeing will lead to believing – and starting for many more women in Cumbria.