“This summer we saw an increase in the number of girls attending Chance Camp, and found this to be a great opportunity to show the children the recent film campaign launched by Cumbrian Girls Can at our Keswick Chance Camp, where the film was shown to both the girls and the boys aged 4 -14 years old. 

Before watching the film we discussed the trend of how as girls reach adolescence and adulthood the amount of time spent participating in physical activity decreases significantly and what they all thought about this. They were then asked so look out for different sporting activities/abilities and ages whilst watching the film.

After the film we spoke about what types of activity we saw, the types of people we saw and what we thought the overall message of the film was. The children all agreed that the video was to show that girls can take part in a range of physical activities no matter their age or ability, “it shows off girls/women being sporty” and “girls can lift heavy weights and dance just like boys can too”.

We then discussed what the terminology “run like a girl” and “throw like a girl” means to them. With the older boys and girls understanding that those sayings carried a negative connotation and were often said to boys as a way of making fun of them. The older girls in the group said that they understood why people may use these terms but they didn’t believe it was a true reflection of themselves being bad at sports.
It was great to be able to talk to the children about the campaign and hear their positive thoughts on girls in sport. Well done to all the children who took part in this activity and we look forward to sharing the message of the Cumbrian Girls Can campaign with more children across our Chance Camps!”
Chance Camp Coach – Amy
Watch the films here
Or if you would like to download a film with subtitles email us on CumbrianGirlsCan@gmail.com